Looking up

September 11, 2012

We are often asked by clients, designers, architects and art consultants to create large scale versions of our limited edition sculpture for commercial and private projects.   We recently collaborated with talented landscape architect Steve Kikuchi of  Kikuchi and Associates to create a 10 foot commission of our sculpture Kismet for his clients near Palo Alto, California.  The large scale of this sculpture was challenging to create, but the results are thrilling and the clients (well-versed and highly appreciative of art) very pleased.  The setting of this commission is one of the most dramatic we’ve seen. Photos by Ali Altri.

TerraSculpture, Kismet, steel and bronze powdercoat (10 ft. commission)

TerraSculpture, Kismet, steel and bronze powdercoat (10 ft. commission)

We also recently created 10 foot commission of our sculpture Embrace for a client in the Hollywood Hills.  The sculpture was sited in a reflecting pool in an ultra-modern residence which was recently acquired by the Winklevoss brothers of Facebook fame.

TerraSculpture, Embrace, stainless steel and marble (10 ft. commission, Hollywood Hills, CA)






TerraSculpture studio is very proud to announce the debut of a brand new product line (in addition to our limited edition sculpture collection):

TerraTrellis.com.  Sculptural, colorful trellises, tuteurs and arbors that integrate with plants to create living works of art in the garden.  Now open for business…come on in!


Last November Australian landscape designer and HGTV host Jamie Durie brought cameras and clients to visit our Los Angeles sculpture garden for an episode of his new hit show The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie which aired July 9th.

Jamie Durie and clients Nick and Anna debate which sculpture they envision for their landscape from Terra Sculpture’s garden gallery.

Jamie’s muse for Miles and Ana’s garden was the artfully inspired and environmentally-friendly city of San Francisco.  Jamie found particular influences from the California Academy of Sciences (so brilliantly designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano),   Flora Grubb Gardens and public sculpture gardens.  In only three days, Jamie and his crew completely transformed Nick and Anna’s Eagle Rock residence into a stunning, modern, artful environment.   Jamie is one extremely talented visionary and a fabulous landscape designer.  It was a g’day indeed!


June 22, 2010

“What chance did I stand against Kismet?”

Kismet, our new oxidized steel sculpture, was a long time in the making.  Many, many hours in the studio stretching, bending, twining and weaving 1″ thick solid steel (just so) is an arduous but gratifying endeavor.  Kismet’s organic, serpentine silhouette twists like an ancient, gnarled tree trunk, yet her inspiration is something much more diminutive: DNA. Fate, destiny, chance: Kismet.

photos by Adam Grossman, Good Dog Media

We were honored to be part of this year’s LA Garden Show at the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. Read about the innovative installation “The New California Garden” created by the brilliant landscape designers of  APLD here in Apartment Therapy.   Some memorable scenes….

Puzzle pre-fab shelter designed by Gregg Fleishman Studios and meadow garden by Richard Hayden.

Gorgeous Meditation Garden designed by Marlene Breene. We love her stunning composition of water lillies with our Tempest sculpture.

Terra Sculpture artist Jennifer Gilbert Asher finds cool refuge in the cozy Meditation Garden

"Puppy" finds shelter in Laura Morton's cool succulent doghouse

Terra Sculpture's own Karen Neill looks on as a prospective client checks the gauge of our new sculpture Snap.

Take Flight

February 20, 2010

Pure. Clean. Free. Calm. Simple. White.

Meet our new sculpture: Flight.  Inspired by elegant wings of the ethereal white heron.

Flight is 70 h” x 20 w” and made of no VOC powder coated steel with an oxidized steel base.  All of the painted sculpture in our collection is powder coated.  Why?   Powder coat is non-chemical, non-vapor and non-toxic. It’s basically powdered polyester and pigment, sprayed and then baked on which creates an  extremely long lasting, smooth durable outdoor protection.   The chemical vapors don’t take Flight.  But in the landscape, the sculpture does.

November 24, 2009

We often have requests for commissioned sculpture.  Brazilian-born landscape designer Ernesto Rocco commissioned  Terra Sculpture to create a variation of Closer for a client in Los Angeles.  Once the installation was complete, we couldn’t believe how perfect this new piece looked in his artful, modern landscape design.   Set poolside, near an inspiring indoor/outdoor entertaining space, the new sculpture enjoys the company of relaxing visitors…. and the daily curious gaze of one protective pooch.

Behind the scenes

November 22, 2009


Karen Neill, Co-Founder Terra Sculpture

One important face behind the scenes at Terra Sculpture is co-founder and marketing director Karen Neill.  Karen not only coordinates marketing strategy but is often the first friendly voice our clients speak to when they call our offices.   A life-long lover and collector of art, Karen comes from a family filled with artists. Terra Sculpture is not just a team of studio artists -we are a collaborative -and we couldn’t function without Karen’s passion and commitment.  Thank you Karen!


Artists Mario Lopez, Jennifer Gilbert Asher, Terra Sculpture Studio, Los Angeles

Terra Sculpture Studio, Los Angeles

Terra Sculpture Studio, Los Angeles

HGTV‘s new series THE OUTDOOR ROOM WITH JAMIE DURIE is “a docu-design series that chronicles sexy, globetrotting Australian landscape designer Jamie Durie as he moves to America to create awe-inspiring backyard makeovers for American families. Jamie’s designs are inspired from his travels” (quote from  show’s own Facebook page).

Charming and talented designer Jamie Durie came with camera crew and  two lovely homeowners to experience our garden gallery and select sculpture for his new HGTV series which premieres January 1, 2010 at 10:00 p.m.  We’re not sure which episode we’re in yet but we’ll post as soon as we find out.  Photos from the shoot to follow…

Two other exciting press items: The Los Angeles Times Home & Garden (print and online versions) ran a fabulous article about Terra Sculpture as did an interesting new blog The Com-Position.com. Both articles highlighted the notion that from both a creative and environmental perspective there are very few elements in the landscape that are as effective and long lasting as outdoor sculpture. Once you place sculpture, all it requires is admiration (and an occasional wipe-down!)

we welcome with joy….

November 4, 2009

Terra Sculpture Snap

Snap, Terra Sculpture 2009

We welcome with joy two new additions to our sculpture family:  Snap a mixed metal piece in oxidized and powder coated steel and Tempest the  fraternal sister to our original Tempest (in powder coated steel).   Just like our human children, they are all enchanting and unique in their own special way (and we love each one equally).  The entire collection is now available to view in person by appointment in our outdoor garden gallery in Los Angeles.  Email us at info@terrasculpture.com to set up an appointment.

Terra Sculpture Tempest Oxidized

Tempest, oxidized steel, Terra Sculpture 2009

Garden Gallery

Terra Sculpture Garden Gallery