TerraSculpture has a little sister: TerraTrellis.com

June 6, 2011

TerraSculpture studio is very proud to announce the debut of a brand new product line (in addition to our limited edition sculpture collection):

TerraTrellis.com.  Sculptural, colorful trellises, tuteurs and arbors that integrate with plants to create living works of art in the garden.  Now open for business…come on in!



2 Responses to “TerraSculpture has a little sister: TerraTrellis.com”

  1. carol schaeffer Says:

    where can i see these in person????
    i am interested in creating a garden with these frames as the centerpiece.

  2. terrasculpture Says:

    Hi Carol,
    So pleased to hear you love our trellises!
    As of right now, they are available online only (www.terratrellis.com). They will be in some garden centers in spring 2012.
    Where are you located? We can give you a break on the shipping if you order multiple pieces. Please let us know which pieces you are interested in.
    Many thanks!

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