June 22, 2010

“What chance did I stand against Kismet?”

Kismet, our new oxidized steel sculpture, was a long time in the making.  Many, many hours in the studio stretching, bending, twining and weaving 1″ thick solid steel (just so) is an arduous but gratifying endeavor.  Kismet’s organic, serpentine silhouette twists like an ancient, gnarled tree trunk, yet her inspiration is something much more diminutive: DNA. Fate, destiny, chance: Kismet.

photos by Adam Grossman, Good Dog Media

One Response to “Kismet”

  1. My name is Cliff Covington and this order is an individual order and i like to make a purchase of (TerraSculpture Kismet) and i will be more happy if you can email me with the types and Prices that you have for sale as well……..Please let me know if you do accept credit card as a form of payment, and that will be pick up at your location ….Hope to read back from you soon..
    Kind Regards
    Cliff Covington

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