Take Flight

February 20, 2010

Pure. Clean. Free. Calm. Simple. White.

Meet our new sculpture: Flight.  Inspired by elegant wings of the ethereal white heron.

Flight is 70 h” x 20 w” and made of no VOC powder coated steel with an oxidized steel base.  All of the painted sculpture in our collection is powder coated.  Why?   Powder coat is non-chemical, non-vapor and non-toxic. It’s basically powdered polyester and pigment, sprayed and then baked on which creates an  extremely long lasting, smooth durable outdoor protection.   The chemical vapors don’t take Flight.  But in the landscape, the sculpture does.


2 Responses to “Take Flight”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Love all the new pieces Jennifer, you guys are doing some great work!

  2. Ingrid Says:

    Hi there – these are beautiful! Great site.

    Speaking of birds and sculpture, I have just posted about artist Jospeh Papendick’s urban birdfeeders, thought you might be interested http://www.cohabitaire.com/?p=798

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