Words, lights, camera…sculpture

April 19, 2009

We can’t let any more time pass before we thank the innovative writers who’ve recently supported our work through their truly inspiring blogs: THANK YOU!   Since we are artists, not writers, what better way to describe what some of these online journalists do than in their own words?

Rochelle Grayer, Studio G  – Launched in July 2008, Studio g is a design blog dedicated to sharing landscape ideas, hotel resort and spa gardens, outdoor art and design, the latest in landscape products and services and to inspiring readers to recognize a sense of place so as they travel the world they can celebrate and value it.

Jane Berger, Garden Design Online   Jane Berger’s long career in journalism has included assignments at the White House, London, Pentagon, New York, and the Supreme Court as an on-air radio correspondent for the Voice of America.  Subsequently, Jane graduated from the landscape design program at DC’s George Washington University and is certified as a landscape designer by APLD, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.  She has published many articles on landscape design and horticulture for the following publications:  The Associated Press,Landscape Architecture Magazine, Home & Design Magazine, The American Gardener, American Style.

Design Milk Art and Design Blog,   An impressive and thoughtful go-to site dedicated to art, architecture, style/fashion, technology and design.   

Artstyleonline.com This blog has an incredible knack for finding the most captivating, well-designed original art (and objects) in the worlds of landscape, interiors and architecture.  Their territory: global. 

Speaking of innovative writers….our friend Debra Prinzing just ventured into the realm of television host.  As a regular contributor to LA Times, DWELL, Garden Design Magazine  and Metropolitan Home Debra empowers others to “embrace, explore and experience outdoor living at its finest.”   With her effusive and welcoming personality, we are not at all surprised that she’s been “discovered” by New York-based production company BranchBR3 to host her own new outdoor living show titled Peace By Design.  

photo by Windy Brigode

photo by Wendy Brigode

photo by Wendy Brigode

photo by Wendy Brigode

photo by Wendy Brigode

photo by Wendy Brigode

We were honored to be chosen as Peace by Design’s first featured guests.  Producers and crew were complete pros and we  had a blast shooting for two days in Southern California.   Can’t wait to see the edited show and we’ll keep you posted when/where the new series will be broadcast.


One Response to “Words, lights, camera…sculpture”

  1. Megan Oneal Says:

    Very impressive work of art.

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